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Are you covered by insurance?

All of our consultants are covered by most major insurance companies. However, there can sometimes be a shortfall. You will need to inform your insurance company who you would like to see and they can advise you further.

Please note that podiatry, physiotherapy and osteopathy are not covered by AXA PPP or its subsidiaries.

Do I need to be referred by my GP?

It is always wise to ask your GP about seeing a specialist and to have a formal referral letter. Your family doctor should be in overall charge of your medical situation. Insurance companies will insist on this. Non-insured patients can be seen without a referral if necessary, but they should bring their previous medical records with them.


If you have a complaint or would like to report anything, please email:

Do you work on the NHS?

Three of our consultants hold NHS appointments; Mr Sutcliffe is an Emeritus Consultant at Barts and the London, but no longer undertakes NHS work.

How do I make an appointment?

Please call the office on: 0207 616 7720 and then press:

Option 1: If you're a new patient

Option 2: Mr Afzal's, Ms Dodgson, Mr Edbrooke, Mr Gildersleve and Ms Mawson's secretary

Option 3: Mr Sutcliffe's secretary

Option 4. Mr McKenna and Dr Tavakkoli's secretary

Option 5: Mr Pereira, Mr Liantis and Mr Hess secretary

Option 6: Dr Hammond secretary and general queries

Option 7: Finance department  


What do I need to bring with me to my consultation?


Please bring any relevant medical history and results, and any previous imaging (scans, x-rays, etc).


What do I need to wear for my physio / osteo appointment?


It is fine to wear your usual clothes for your osteo appointment. You might feel more comfortable in tracksuit bottoms and a loose fitting top for your physio appointment.


Where are the procedures carried out?


Procedures are carried out at The London Clinic, 20 Devonshire Place in London.


Should I have an MRI scan prior to my appointment?


We understand that due to time constraints, patients would like to have imaging done prior to their appointments. This is possible if we have a referral letter with more information about the complaints. You may need to check with your insurance company first.



How soon do I start my physiotherapy after my injections?


We advise starting physiotherapy 8-10 days after a procedure.


How soon can I drive after injections / a procedure?


It is safe to drive the day after. However, to give the steroids the best chance of doing their job, avoiding trauma to the spine is important. So, if you can avoid long drives, or stressful conditions, that is better. After some operations you may need to be off driving for up to six weeks; talk to your surgeon about this.


When can I fly after injections / a procedure?


It is safe to fly the day after the injection, but it is better to remain locally for 3 or 4 days, just in case you were to develop an infection or other complication. These are very rare. With an operation, most people can fly within 2 - 3 weeks, but some need to be careful for longer.


What is the best mattress for my back?


We recommend a medium to soft sprung mattress. Firm enough so that your spine does not bend during the night, but cushioned enough to absorb your curves and contours. Memory foam mattresses can help, because they give under the body, to evenly distribute the forces if you are still, but it is harder to turn over on a memory foam mattress. You can usually try these out on a "money back guarantee" arrangement.




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