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Handsome Healthcare Ltd

A consumer healthcare company working together with the London Spine Clinic

The team at the London Spine Clinic have been treating patients with back problems for many years and have identified that there are a number of features in the history of many patients' problems that are common. Their condition may not taken seriously and they may have to carry on working even if this appears to be making things worse. If they seek advice on what the best options are, this is often generic advice, such as "do some exercise", "lose weight" or "take some pain killers". Even when seen by a physiotherapist, or other trained professional, they may be given a standardised treatment program, which assumes that all back pain is the same.


It isn't!


A General Practitioner often does not have the time and resources to fully diagnose the condition causing the back pain. So the team at the London Spine Clinic have worked in conjunction with a number of other experts, to develop a system, which allows back pain sufferers to work out for themselves how best to treat their problem. As with any medical issue, this starts by getting a diagnosis. The location and type of pain can usually give an idea of this. Back pain is therefore divided into 5 zones, corresponding to the different causes of the pain. Information about each zone is available through the website and individuals can be reasonably confident that they understand what has "gone wrong".


With this knowledge, it is easy to consider a number of options for treatment. These may include medication, devices, or exercises, advice on all of which is also supplied. By treating the pain early and effectively, the delays of seeking referral and attending appointments can be overcome.


No two back problems are identical, but many can be treated in an appropriate and safe way by understanding the likely cause and the treatment options. Taking control of YOUR back pain and dealing with this yourself is likely to get you back to work / on track quicker.


This system, developed by Handsome Healthcare Ltd, based in Altringham, is now available.

Click the above pain zones to find out more about each zone and find out more about your back pain.

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