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IDD Therapy

IDD therapy, or Inter-vertebral Differential Dynamics, or sometimes Inter-Vertebral disc distraction, is a means of applying controlled cyclical traction to the lower back. This is done by the patient wearing a secure harness and then being lowered into position to allow the harness to be connected at the appropriate angle to the traction device. The trained therapist then sets up the system, to deliver cyclical traction, for 1-2 minutes, with reduced force in between to allow the tissues to relax. The force used is typically equivalent to half the patient's body weight.

Most patients require several sessions to accrue the benefit and the treatment is always coupled with a structured exercise program as well as other anti-inflammatory treatments. Nigel Gildersleve, osteopath, has set up the system and supervises and runs the exercise programs, together with his therapist colleagues as needed.

Traction techniques have been used for managing spinal problems for many years. IDD offers a more modern version. The pictures here show the patient being gently lowered into place and then lying down having the treatment.

Accu-Spina-with-patient-horizontal (1).j
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