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Medico-Legal Reports

The specialists at the London Spine Clinic are able to act as medico-legal experts and are experienced in dealing with all matters relating to the spine.  These include surgery and other treatments and, of course, injuries. The team can be contacted by the solicitor acting for a client with spinal problems, or by the person directly, to be subsequently instructed by their solicitor. The team member would then be the "medical expert witness", acting on behalf of the client. We often perform this task, defending NHS trusts against claims.

The team can also offer reports as a treating clinician, to advise the courts on the medical aspects of the case, but not being being the medical expert. 

We pride ourselves on always attempting to provide a report within a short time-frame, dependent upon the complexity of the case and are prepared to attend court, if necessary, to support the statements in our reports.

Expert opinion can be offered on the many topics, including:

Spinal injury

Spinal surgery


Physiotherapy treatment

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 Scales of Justice
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