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Our Clinics

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London Princess Grace Hospital

Mr Pereira runs clinics here and patients can either be referred directly, or attend via the urgent care centre, if an acute spinal condition requires rapid attention.

London Bridge Hospital

Clinics are held weekly here, by Mr Liantis, Spinal Orthopaedic Surgeon. 

Phoenix Hospital Chelmsford

Mr Sutcliffe and Rachel Dodgson hold clinics here on Fridays. Out-patient procedures can also be performed in the theatre suites, allowing consultations, physical therapy treatment and procedures all to be performed under one roof. Extensive parking is available at the hospital. The team have direct access, within the unit, to other specialties, including pain control and podiatry.


Mr McKenna, founded the Reading Spine Clinic, based at the Forbury Cinics in Reading.  Within the clinic, out-patient procedures as well as consultations can be undertaken and, if necessary, in-patient operations, using the facilities of the Reading Circle Hospital


Caring for the population of Devon and Cornwall, Tim Edbrooke, Physiotherapist, has been a part of the London Spine Clinic team for many years. Based in Exeter, he runs clinics locally and can refer to other members of the team as necessary. Tim works closely with two spine surgeons locally, who are also involved with the whole team in London.

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