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Saj Afzal

Podiatrist are foot experts. They can deal with most problems affecting the feet, even some requiring routine surgical procedures. Many patients suffering with back pain do so because of foot issues.


If one foot hurts, walking is difficult and asymmetrical and this puts a strain on the spine, which may lead to twisting of the spine (scoliosis) causing damage and then pain. Some of us have developed and grown with one leg longer than the other, again causing a curve in the spine, which can lead to damage to discs and joints.


The podiatrists will resolve these problems, either by dealing with the painful condition causing the gait abnormality, or by using exercises, insoles, or orthotics to correct the difference in leg length and re-balance the pelvis and hence the spine. As many as 15% of patients attending with back pain have a leg length asymmetry and often the back pain can be relieved simply by sorting out this issue.

Often the pattern in which a person walks is different to the position in which they stand still. To work out how gait - walking posture - affects the alignment of the spine, bio-mechanical assessments are performed, which may involve the use of video gait analysis, to track the levels of the different areas of the body during movement. This then allows specific treatment for the individual to be instituted, to correct the imbalance and realign the spine. 

The Foot Clinic


Our Podiatrist

Mr S Afzal

Registered Podiatrist

Saj is our resident Harley Street Consultant. He has over 25 years of extensive clinical experience in both the NHS and Private sector. He is an active member of the Clinical Multi-Disciplinary Team and has been here at The London Spine Clinic for over 16 years. 


Podiatrists are able to assess foot structure and posture and use this in a detailed gait (walking and running patterns) analysis to diagnose and treat severe conditions. Patients who have a different leg length between two sides, often as a result of previous joint surgery or injury, are a good example of those in whom gait analysis may be of great value. The subsequent treatment is performed in a scientific and logical way rather than by a 'hit and miss' technique. We use a Multi-Disciplinary team approach to achieve the best results for our patients.


Saj provides an exceptional service, ranging from basic foot care and palliative care encompassing all forms of skin and general foot care. He is a musculoskeletal specialist and uses Gait Analysis and posture enhancement techniques also providing custom made Orthotics (insoles) as well as rehabilitation exercise programs. This will help realign foot bones, legs, knees, hips and of course the pelvis and spine. Many back problems are thus resolved. He not only sees professional athletes and is Podiatrist to F1 Drivers, Team GB and UK Athletics, Professional Footballers and many other high profile sports men and women. 

Mr Afzal is covered by AVIVA, BUPA UK/GLOBAL, CIGNA UK/GLOBAL, Treatment Network, Vitality Health* and WPA

Mr Afzal is not covered by AXA PPP and its subsidiaries 

Click on the video below to see Mr Afzal explain the process behind a Biomechanical and Gait Analysis consultation, and how it can help your spine:




Mr Afzal has a clinic Monday to Friday.

Sunil Patel

Mr S Afzal

Registered Podiatrist

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