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The Spine School

Most of us either go to- or have been to- the gym in an attempt to get fit. Often the spur to do so is an injury, causing back or neck pain or other spinal issues. Once in the gym, we are faced with a bewildering array of equipment and a variety of body shapes using this. Knowing which will help, or more importantly which may aggravate the problem, is vital. Trial and error is one option; there is usually more error than trial. So, ask for help!

Personal trainers in the gyms around the country are excellent, but they have largely not been trained to understand and manage spinal conditions. Some are very good at it, after years of experience. Some have listened to and have visited with other experts in the field, and others may have been to courses, taught by their colleagues, regarding the spine.

To standardise training in the spine, we have founded ‘The Spine School’. This organisation, led by both Mr John Sutcliffe (Spinal Neurosurgeon) and Mr Ben Brand (owner of a Tribe Called Sweat), each with over 25 years’ experience, has established a training program dedicated to this cause. The goal being to train trainers and therapists to better understand the spine, its problems, the diagnostic techniques and the many other options for improving the lives of those suffering from these spinal conditions. 

The Spine School will accredit successful candidates, certifying them in the techniques, as well as in the knowledge, that the course offers. Divided into sections, there will be three parts to the overall course. Part 1 focussing on lumbar issues. Part 2 focusing on cervical and thoracic issues, as well as dealing with the more complex post-surgical and deformity issues in part 3. Graduates will be qualified to work with people pre-procedure, post-surgery and also with other specific complex spinal problems.

There are ample opportunities for feedback. For individual and group question and answer sessions with The Spine School staff, who will be on hand to answer and to review specific aspects. Each course will be a day long, giving enough time to tackle all relevant issues- without overloading our students with information. A printed version is available to the course attendees, allowing them to make notes alongside the slides, and jot down important points or questions.

CPD accreditation has been approved for the whole day. If you want a detailed, accredited understanding of working with back pain sufferers, or are already looking after people with back problems, and you want to increase your understanding of this complex area, then we look forward to welcoming you at The Spine School.

For more information on our courses please visit

By Mr John Sutcliffe, Founder and Head Surgeon at The London Spine Clinic

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