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Spinal Nurse at The London Clinic 

Patrick O'Connell

Spinal Nurse

 at The London Clinic

The London Spine Clinic is supported by the London Clinic Hospital, who employ the Specialist Spinal Nurse, Patrick O'Connell. He is responsible for overseeing the out-patient and in-patient management of the spinal patients on a day to day basis. Patrick will see patients before treatments, or surgery, will talk them through the procedures and will be in contact with them afterwards, ensuring all is well. 

Patrick has many years' experience of dealing with patients undergoing spinal treatments, including surgery, has nursed in-patients who have been through major operations, as well as those undergoing more simple day-case procedures. He is based on the sixth floor of the London Clinic, close to the spinal surgery unit and in the out-patient department of the London Spine Clinic.

Any questions about procedures, hospital admission or discharge, or any worries a patient may have after a procedure, can usually be dealt with by the nurse, who is in constant contact with the surgeons and other members of the team. 

Contact     Phone: 07860756267

                  Email: p.o'

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