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Support and Counselling

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Since qualifying as a counselling therapist in 2006 Tikkii Mawson has built a successful private practice, offering tailored person centred counselling to a wide clientele who over the years have presented with a variety of issues and personal problems. Tikkii is registered as a practicing counsellor with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapists.

Tikkii originally qualified as a nurse at Kings College Hospital in 1982 where her practice as a counselling therapist has been enhanced by also having 34 years of nursing experience under her belt. One of the many areas of Tikkii’s expertise lies in her ability to recognise the often complex underlying psychological issues that are frequently present with people who experience chronic pain as well as physical trauma and learning to come to terms with life changing physical conditions.


Most people who develop a spinal problem, suffer psychological effects as well as the physical effects of pain, inability to work, etc. Working a way through these helps come to terms with the situation, rationalise the treatment options and, when necessary, prepare someone for undergoing an operation.

At this difficult time, if you are finding it hard to cope, with pain, or other issues, click here to book an appointment, or call the number above.  

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