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Nigel (Osteopath) has been very helpful to me - and my neck! Life would have been much more difficult and painful without him.


- Elizabeth Maczenkie 2021


No-one has ever told me all that! For the first time I understand why my back hurt and what needed to be done about it. It's worked wonderfully

- Ann C


I was terrified of having treatment for my back pain, but after talking with Mr Sutcliffe, I knew it was the right thing to do and my pain of 5 years has all gone. It has changed my life.

- Steve S

Rachel Dodgson is a miracle worker! I came to her with 18-months-worth of severe back pain, sleepless nights from the pain, constant headaches and a very limited range of movement, despite being 32! Within a few sessions my pain and stiffness were reduced beyond belief and my range of motions greatly increased beyond all my hopes. Rachel is a great motivator and really good fun to work with. She has taught me exercises and techniques to enable me to keep my back and neck functioning to the best of their ability, to keep my pain at bay and to increase my flexibility and function. I never imagined the day would come when I would be pain free - it has! Thank you!

- Christine C

I arrived at John Sutcliffe's office 20 weeks pregnant in agony, thinking I'd done sufficient damage to my back to keep me in pain for life - never mind my fear of never walking again! I'm now the proud mother of a healthy 10 week old baby and am very much on the road to recovery. Literally cannot rate the London Spine Clinic enough- especially their amazing physiotherapist Rachel Dodgson. I don't know how she does it but she has got me mobile and relatively pain free in 3 weeks. Not only is she brimming with expertise which leaves you feeling confident and trusting, but she delivers it in a friendly, warm manner which makes you feel like you're visiting an old friend! Why is there no 10 star button?!

- Kelsey R - Facebook

I can sum up my skiing week in one word: TRANSFORMATIONAL! The orthotics helped me so much and I have made so much and I have made such great progress. I skied a blue run for the first time (if somewhat tentatively as it was a bit scary). So a big THANK YOU, I am going again in a month and hopefully now I will be able to ski with the family special!!! See you soon.

- Angie H

In August this year it'll be the 10th anniversary of my back op. I honestly can't imagine how I'd managed had I not had the op; my wife and I are now living in South Africa, and I'm perfectly fit and able to do whatever I want to.

- Jason M


The physiotherapist at the London Spine Clinic, Rachel Dodsgon literally saved my career. After 5 years as a professional dancer, I became increasingly injured with back pain that used to shoot down my legs and render me immobile. I was miserable due to the pain and the fact that I couldn't work. Going to see Rachel however changed everything, she diagnosed what was happening within just a few movements. My glutes and core were essentially useless and the weakness had been causing all my pain. She was so encouraging and upbeat and I left the appointment feeling the most hopeful I had felt in a long time! The exercises she gave me worked wonders and before long I was back on stage and stronger than ever. Thanks to her exercises and guidance to take up pilates, I have never had the pain again and continued to dance professionally for another 7 years. Her knowledge, together with her compassion, friendliness and professionalism inspired me so much that I have already begun my training to become a physiotherapist.

- Amanda S - Facebook

I would just like to thank you all for your kindness after my surgery your all fantastic and spurred me along this last week. All is going well apart from a nasty rash from the steri strips. A massive thank you to all at the London Clinic you were great. A huge thank you to what must be the best spinal surgeon on planet earth Mr John Sutcliffe you are the best. And last of all to my adorable wife Julie P who is always buy my side through thick and thin without even a moan or ounce of selfishness god I love you. She even threw herself at my feet in ITU. You ask herxxxx

- Nick P - Facebook

Mr Sutcliffe performed a dynesis procedure on my spine back in 2001. I cannot tell you how life changing your amazing procedure was in transforming my quality of life. I have had no issues at all since the operation and post-operative rehabilitations. I have remained fit and healthy since then and have continued to remain active to ensure my back remains strong and flexible. I cannot thank you enough for that.


- Marta Markham  



Rachel is amazing, no nonsense, straight talking. But caring and has been easing my sciatica. ... She makes me work, doesn’t let me wimp out of treatment ( I’m a huge wimp) and she cares passionately about her job and her patients .

- Nicola


I have had back issues for 25 years. I was referred to London Spine Clinic by my GP and initially saw John Sutcliffe who carefully ran through my options. It was agreed I would avoid intrusive surgery and instead undergo a programme of physiotherapy. Enter Rachel Dodgson. What a great physio. Rachel is warm and friendly and has worked wonders for me. She found various problems contributing to my discomfort and over a period of a few months managed worked her magic. For the first time in years the pain in my upper and lower spine has eased. Thank you Rachel - I have no hesitation in recommending you. You are clearly at the top of your game.

- Tim P

It was 9 months ago that you operated on my back and I can honestly say that I have felt no pain at all since, truly amazing after years of continual pain/hell. 

Thank you and your amazing team so much, everyone involved in the surgery, Patrick and Rachel who helped me pre and post surgery - I am extremely grateful.

- Amanda T

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