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The Spine School has been established, joining the expertise and experience of the London Spine Clinic's Mr John Sutcliffe and the Tribe Called Sweat, personal trainer group, led by Mr Ben Brand.

The aim is to train trainers and physiotherapists in the diagnosis and pathology behind spinal disorders, allowing them to manage clients with spinal problems from a position of increased knowledge and understanding. 

The courses run by the Spine School are CPD approved, giving the attendee a deep, but practically based, knowledge of anatomy and functional physiology of the spine, together with an understanding of the exercises ideally used to manage these very specific issues.

The course is divided into three sections, covering:

1  The lower back

2  The cervical and thoracic spine 

3  The complex case, post-operative, deformity and instability management

Using the course techniques, trainers in the gym environment, physiotherapists in the clinic or gym and individuals will be in a position to put together a bespoke plan for their clients and be able to explain the problems these clients face.

To find our more, visit our official website by clicking here

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